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What's the matter, little petal, splatter on the windsheild color?
Ice Volcano running over cup and time again
Disembodied visions of harpies torment nights at curtain-shaded sun
Or tornado dreams swirling whisking away your head?

Lay you down beside the ocean sand between your toes
Jellyfish relax nobody stings you anymore
Lay me down beside the grove of aspen angel in the snow
and melt in spring nothing is sacred to change and never was

Dreadlock glittergirl, keep on chasing the rising moon
and leaving dust and faint patchouli in your wake
When glowing dawn approaches over the desert highway
A silvery glimmer on the concrete seems to be just as real

Sit you down beside the lamp post sunburn on your skin
Glittergirl relax nobody chases you anymore
Lay me down beside the bridge reflections in the stream
and light the lamp at night nothing can stay or ever will

copyright1999 electric pomegranate, inc.