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Spinning upward spiral Crazy Myra won't let go
Her poster on the ceiling of her bedroom reaches out
Tells her that her mountain lover loves another
Hovers while the morning dew gushes through a spout

Silver rune calligraphy on the inside of her skull
Slither together melt into beads like mercury
The dryad in the corner of the poster pulls her quill
And dips in Myra's third eye crystal feather lobotomy

Burning meteorite bursts through the nape of her neck
Banshee howling pierces shatters marbled red stained glass
Hurtling razor shards slice through her porcelain-white skinned back
Pinning her to satin sheets countdown to critical mass

Ticking heart valves push seconds past her eardrums
The warhead in her chest kicks over to release
Constrained by snapping threads, her twitching, broken thumb
Commences ego-atom-splitting sets her psyche free

Laying back without herself surrounded by long wheat
Violet irises gazing open blankly at the sky
Dim reflecting beams of mountain angel kisses fleeting
While charred and blackened dryad grasps the corner of her eye

copyright1999 electric pomegranate, inc.