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ALL of the contents of this site are copyrighted 1999 electric pomegranate inc., unless otherwise noted. "Vajra108" and "Vajra108's Buddharealm" are registered trademarks of Electric Pomegranate, Inc. Please do not steal any of the graphics or code off of this site. Please do not steal and alter any of the graphics off of this site, I know my own work and will be able to tell if it is altered or not. If the design of this site inspires you to create something similar on your own site, feel free to base your technique on my work, but change it enough to make it your own. Any coder, graphics designer or any other kind of artist will tell you that there is no feeling comparable to creating something original and aesthetic, even if it has been inspired by another artist's work. The javascripting on this site was distributed as freeware (as I am still just learning the very basics of JavaScript), please see the links section for resources on Javascript freeware, do not copy the code straight off of this site. For more information on copyright information, follow THIS LINK. If you would like any information regarding permission to use my graphics or if you would like me to create graphics for your site, Please Email me and we'll discuss it.

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Padma Rabzang, Webmaster